Dragon Clan

Welcome to the Draconians

The job of a Draconian is an easy, but VERY important one! It is the job of the Draconian to welcome and guide new sites to the competition.

The Draconians probably have the best job amongst the various staff positions. They get to visit these beautiful new sites and make them
feel welcome as well as help the new fighters feel comfortable within the Mystickal Realms Competition. Each Draconian will welcome
ALL new fighters and be assigned a new fighter to guide.

Draconians are a rare breed of human. Dragon blood courses through their veins. Draconians appear human with dragon traits.
The species of dragon determines a Draconians appearence. Some Draconians will have scaley skin while
others have smooth. Some Draconians have flesh colored skin while others have differing colors.
Some Draconians have horns while others have none. One thing is for sure, no Draconian looks completely human.

Draconians are highly intelligent, friendly and spirited. They are capable of doing anything they wish but choose to teach, guide and be merry!!

Draconian Rules

1. Welcome Everyone
2. Help those who ask
3. Help those in need
4. Patience is a Virtue
5. Be Merry
6. Have Fun