Mystickal Realms Sanctioners



Greetings & Welcome!

The Sanctioners are the site inspectors for Mystickal Realms.

Being a Sanctioner is fairly easy and should usually only require, at the most, a commitment of
about an hour-a-week. Each week you will be sent anywhere from 1 – 3 new sites to inspect. This
depends on the number of applications we receive during the week. Some weeks you won’t get
any assignments at all! In fact, this happens frequently… if we get only two or three applications
in a week, I’ll inspect them myself as opposed to going to the trouble of sending them out.

Now for the specifics… when you sign up, you’ll be sent a welcome letter that basically goes over
these guidelines again. You’ll also receive a form letter to save and send to the sites that you approve
for competition. You should visit the Rules Page and familiarize yourself with these, as they will
help you determine the sites that are acceptable for our competition. Once you approve a site, just send
them the approval letter that you’re provided with and send your assignment info back to me, making sure
to let me know the sites you did and didn’t approve. If, for whatever reason, you do not approve a site,
all you need to do is send the site’s information back to me with the reason(s) you did not approve it. You do not
need to send any type of letter to these site owners. A senior staff member will review the site in question and
notify them of their disapproval. That’s pretty much all there is to it! Usually takes about a half-an-hour or so.